Sikorsky Aircraft corporation South gate Relocation

Stratford, CT

AI Engineers provided design services including parking lots, sidewalks, crosswalks, and driveways as well as traffic, roadway, and lighting design for this 25-acre site .

A traffic study detailing possible solutions to the congestion between the facility roadways, Route 110 and the Route 110/Route 15 Interchange ramps during the shift changes was conducted, and a solution was reached to relocate the South Gate entrance to align with Oronoque Lane approximately 200 feet north from its existing location. The proposed relocation required ConnDOT approval to reconstruct approximately 600 feet of state highway and included a new four-way signalized intersection.

AI was charged with developing a solution to improve traffic on Route 110 near the Sikorsky plant and the road network within the Stratford manufacturing facility due to significant congestion between the facility roadways, Route 110 and the Route 110/Route 15 Interchange ramps around the plant during the shift changes. There are three access driveways into the Sikorsky manufacturing facility off Route 110. Additionally, just south of the facility, there are the Route 15/110 interchange ramps. A traffic analysis was performed for a 6000' section of Route 110 and for the roadway network within the facility. Traffic counts with turning movements were taken within the study area and existing Level of Service (LOS) was calculated for roadway and signals.

A study of alternate access configurations was developed and analyzed to determine the roadway LOS for each alternative. Part of the analysis included environmental impact determination and cost benefit analysis.  The study found that relocation of the South Gate Access Drive by 170' to develop a 4-way intersection at Oronoque Lane with Route 110 was desirable. This eliminated a signal between the Route 15 southbound ramps and Oronoque Lane which reduced delays at this intersection and within the facility. ConnDOT concurred with the findings and supported this change to the state highway.

The Stratford Traffic Commission also accepted the recommendation. AI prepared the preliminary and final design and contract documents for the Route 110 reconstruction. A separate design of the facility driveway relocation and 25 acres of site improvements were also prepared. A new design for the 2,400 space parking area to the south of the facility was developed.

A new design for a 949-space parking area, which consists of multiple lots, to the south of the facility is being developed. This design included the new facility driveway relocation and a number of site improvements. New designs for the relocation of existing parking spaces to minimize the new entrance impact on the total available parking were created. The design also included a bus shelter.

Below grade utilities for electrical power, lighting, and communications were relocated. New site lighting was designed for the proposed area of construction, and the existing storm drainage system was reworked. A new stormwater management system is being designed to comply with the discharge requirements into the adjacent Housatonic River. This design includes significant conservation measures.


  • Duration: 2007, 2010, 2017-2019
  • Project Scope:
    • Parking design
    • Site lighting
    • Utility relocation
    • Security entrance
    • STC permit
    • Intersection design
    • Phased construction & MPT plans