City of Bridgeport Steelpointe Roadway Reconstruction

Bridgeport, CT


AI provided construction inspection services for the reconstruction and modernization of 4.6 lane-miles of minor arterial roadway and 3/4 miles of pedestrian walkways. The purpose of this project was to create a roadway, drainage and utility infrastructure that would permit a major business development plan to move forward in the City of Bridgeport. Roadway improvements followed the complete streets model including roadway reconstruction, separation/reduction of site drainage, bikeways and pedestrian connections, and landscaping.

The work included full-depth roadway reconstruction and widening including updating drainage and sewer systems and sidewalk installation; utility relocation including water, gas, cable, electric and telephone; and signalization of ten (10) intersections. Traffic signal improvements included new controllers, span poles, pedestals, pedestrian signals, push buttons, camera assembly, system integration, traffic signal heads for installation and provide updated signal timing coordination for the project corridor. The removal and disposal of contaminated materials and liquids was also required as well as underground storage tanks.

This project introduced new wireless pre-emption system, first of its kind in the State, at Pequonnock River Draw Bridge. The new Video Image Detection System (VIDS) was part of all new traffic signals and upgraded the traffic signal at Seaview/Stratford Avenue with a new traffic signal support system. VIDS is an advanced wide-area traffic surveillance system that processes input from a video camera to monitor traffic.

This project site contained six (6) areas of environmental concern and five (5) areas of low level environmental concern. The project work included maintenance and protection of traffic during construction to provide a safe and efficient movement of vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians through construction work zones. The project resulted in reconstructed Stratford Ave., East Main Street, Pembroke Street, Waterview Avenue, Kossuth Street and Ann Street, as well as underground utilities and a base ground elevation that brought the peninsula outside of the floodplain. The utility work involved converting existing overhead electric, telephone and cable utility services to underground services, as well as relocating 2000 lf of 12 in. and 16 in. water main, 18 fire hydrants, and relocating existing water main system.

AI administered and inspected the project in conjunction with District 3 MSAT team. Administration services included the initial review of the contractor’s baseline schedule and subsequent updated schedules to ensure all the milestone dates were met. It also included setting up, maintaining, and closing out all project record keeping as required by the ConnDOT Municipal Manual. AI coordinated, conducted, and documented all progress, utility, environmental, and miscellaneous meetings through the project.  AI also assisted the City of Bridgeport with the necessary reporting documentation for the requirements under the Federal T.I.G.E.R. Grant.

All work performed was inspected to ensure that the quality met the standards outlined in the ConnDOT Form 817, supplemental specifications, special provisions, and City of Bridgeport requirements. AI was also responsible for ensuring that all materials installed were tested and approved in accordance with the Minimum Schedule for Acceptance Testing and prepared the documentation for the Final Material Certification.

AI worked closely with the City of Bridgeport and ConnDOT District 3 throughout the construction phase ensuring that clear, concise and accurate information was communicated to local businesses, and residents to apprise them of the project’s status and address questions or concerns.




  • Project Scope:
    • Roadway reconstruction
    • Sidewalks
    • Wireless traffic signal
    • Landscaping
    • Distribution water main
    • Sanitary sewer system
    • Utility relocation (water, gas, electric, telephone)
    • Drainage system