Michael beal, PE
 Associate Vice President


Micheal 'Mike' Beal is an Associate Vice President at AI Engineers. He is the Prime Manager of the Pennsylvania Office where he oversees all business development and client relations outreach in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and Greater Mid-Atlantic region. 

With over 16 years of experience, Mike brings expertise in concrete construction estimating, structural design and analysis of building structures, bridge inspection and load rating. He has been involved in numerous projects with components of bridge inspection, traffic control, design and analysis of load-bearing structures, construction drawings, special inspections and structural assessments, quantity takeoff of concrete elements for commercial projects, coordination with project managers and superintendents regarding construction logistics and scheduling, and managing material deliveries. He regularly works with public clients in the Mid-Atlantic & New England.

To speak with Mike, call 484-872-8748 or email MBeal@aiengineers.com