Transportation & Traffic Engineering

AI has always been a leading advocate for an efficient transportation infrastructure. We believe this is the key to a functional, modern society and strive to provide services in all areas of transit, including rail, bus and highway, as well as waterways and airports. Our engineers are well aware of the transportation needs of today’s society and are specialized in many aspects of planning, roadway and bridge design, environmental aspects, traffic studies and traffic engineering. We can handle any transportation related challenge and offer solutions that help ensure the efficiency, reliability, safety and security of today’s transportation systems.

Our staff has the experience, expertise and resources to support transportation projects at every level. Our toolbox includes traffic simulation and analysis software for studies and design. Major innovative features in our projects address traffic calming, traffic signals, traffic impact analysis, maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) plans and safety enhancements such as guide rails, bridge barriers and rumble strips. AI understands the requirements of State Traffic Impact Assessments, applications and approvals. We have performed studies for travel demand forecasting, traffic analysis modeling, traffic data collection and design for traffic signal systems, signage, pavement markings, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Lighting. We pay attention to the small details in the design and location of curbing, guardrails, and pavement markings for travel lanes, shoulders, ramps, turn lanes, acceleration lanes, deceleration lanes, U-turns, and driveway intersections.


Featured Projects