Site Design

The AI team strives to enhance the quality of life where people live, work and play by providing efficient solutions to land development projects that are functional, environmentally responsible and technically sound. This approach maximizes the potential of each site design and provides unique solutions for our clients. Understanding and navigating the site development approval process is critical to success. So is familiarity with the highly technical issues and state-of-the-art computer-based tools that are essential to civil engineering. Whether it is a new phase, a new neighborhood, or a revitalization, our site design division can take a project through mapping/plotting, preliminary design, planning and zoning and ultimately to final design where the project is ready for bid and construction. AI offers project management, feasibility studies, land analysis, site planning and design for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial developments. Our permitting services include preparation, submission, and advocacy of all regulatory documents required to gain approvals and permits for site developments such as Federal, State or local environmental agencies, planning boards and Conservation Commissions. We have the staff and expertise to maneuver the permitting process with existing agency relationships.


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