Land Surveying

Our survey department has completed complex survey and mapping design assignments throughout New England. Our licensed Land Surveyors have the capacity to perform traditional ground survey or modern Real Time Kinematic (RTK) corrected Global Position System (GPS) methods for sub-centimeter positioning. The survey department is fully equipped in-house for multiple survey crews. We also have the capability to establish additional crews as the workload requires. The surveying crews are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment including Topcon 311/Total Stations, Data Collectors, Auto Levels, and Robotics with Prismless ability. Furthermore, our field operations are supported by internal experienced CADD technicians/engineers. AI regularly advances projects in GIS to comply with client requirements by developing data structure and collection, development of GIS standards and GIS integration. Field crews have used Spectra-Precision Data Collectors equipped with an ARCGIS Feature Code Editor. Our GIS software allows us to enter raw data, measurements, and field sketches directly into the GIS, enabling us to efficiently manage data in a geodatabase with other spatial information. 


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