Highway & Roadway Design

AI possesses the highway design expertise and ability to develop solutions that meet or exceed operational and safety requirements at the local, State and Federal levels while preserving the aesthetic, historic or cultural resources of an area. Our designers are imaginative, innovative and flexible in their approach. AI has completed many state and federally-funded roadway projects throughout the Northeast, both for municipal clients and directly for State DOTs.  Our comprehensive services include rural and urban roadway/highway design, roundabout studies and design, devising traffic calming techniques, and bike and pedestrian path design. At a local level, our projects incorporate Green infrastructure and principals of Complete Streets that weave in the needs of the community and sustainability of the planet.  In the past decades, we have completed highway/roadway design projects for interstate, State and local roads. In addition to standard roadway design criteria, our engineers utilize extensive knowledge gained from successfully completing similar projects involving utility relocations such as water, sewer, gas, and electric, as necessary. With a thorough understanding of both surface and subsurface design elements, and broad construction field experience, our engineers employ a thoughtful approach to designing that eliminates field conflicts, and ensures overall project constructability.


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