Inspection & Evaluation

Our firm’s forte is bridge inspection and engineering. AI has inspected thousands of bridges for clients including ConnDOT, MassDOT, Massport, MBTA, NYSDOT, RIDOT and VDOT. AI’s staff is experienced in a wide variety of transportation projects and is providing comprehensive inspection services to our clients. AI’s inspection teams are led by highly qualified and trained Team Leaders that meet and exceed the NBIS requirements. Our inspection staff has inspected all types and sizes of bridges/structures throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. These inspections have included simple to complex structures including trusses, fracture critical structures, fatigue prone details, special elements such as pin and hanger assemblies, mechanical and electrical inspection of movable spans, and also both electrified and non-electrified railroad bridges. All inspections including night work were accomplished using various types of PPE, inspection equipment and special access requirements, all in compliance with OSHA, FRA, State & Local guidelines.

AI has performed NBIS inspections on various tunnels on major interchanges in the Northeast. The various types of tunnels inspected include cast in place cut and cover sections, immersed steel tubes, boat sections and slurry concrete retaining walls. Our inspectors focus on safety items including the roadway, walls, air exhaust and supply plenums, utilities, and all overhead items with potential to fall into the travel way including ceiling panels, lights, and overhead sign structures. Most of the inspections are performed at night or on the weekend because of the heavy traffic and OSHA confined space protocols are being followed to inspect the inside of the tunnel air exhaust and supply plenums.


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