Bridge Design

AI has completed many design projects for the rehabilitation of bridge systems from local and state bridge programs in Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts, to moderately complex and complex bridge design projects for other state agencies in New York and Rhode Island. Our bridge assignments have included providing comprehensive backup services, such as, ground survey, geotechnical/soils, hydraulic analysis, environmental permitting, utility and ROW issues. We investigate all aspects of a project and develop options to allow for innovative solutions that reduce cost in bridge design, permitting, and construction. Our bridge engineers and designers are very experienced and have participated in many bridge inspection projects encompassing both old and modern bridge design details and materials. Such experience is very valuable when dealing with maintenance and repair issues on bridge deterioration type projects. We have completed numerous structural analyses, modeling and design work for bridges and structures throughout the Northeast. Many DOT officials and institutional and private clients including contractors rely on our highly experienced and competent team of structural engineers for bridge engineering services on both permanent and temporary structures. At AI, we believe that the hands-on experience that bridge inspection delivers is the best way for any designer to understand the working mechanics of bridges, their intrinsic details, and their possible modes of failure.


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