Ancillary Structures

AI has played a critical role in the ever emerging concern over the safety of highway ancillary structures that extend over public roadways. Our inspection teams have performed inventory and routine inspections and non-destructive testing of thousands of various ancillary structures ranging from traffic and light pole structures to sign truss bridges spanning over highways with six or more lanes of traffic. AI has also prepared full reports of conditions and collected asset data for purposes of documentation for our client's Asset Management System. The highway signs included cantilever, full span, butterfly, bridge parapet mounted, and overhead span structures with one to four chords as well as camera pole structures, and high mast light towers. Our inspectors carry out hands-on inspection of fatigue sensitive details, fracture critical members, and performed non-destructive testing in conformity with FHWA-NHI Standards for Inspection and Maintenance of Ancillary Highway Structures.


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