UConn Project Management Oversight

Various Campuses, CT

AI provided construction management oversight, construction inspection, owner’s representation support to the University for Projects/Programs assigned. Responsibilities included construction oversight and management for design, pre-construction, construction administration and construction activities, coordination of building inspections, scheduling, estimating, documenting and reporting. Provided technical assistance in budget development and documentation. AI provided written reports as required for each project/program/assignment; pre-inspect work completed for quality assurance and schedule building inspections as required. AI was also responsible for maintaining physical and electronic files for all project documents. Our assignments under this contract have included the following so far:

  • UConn Project #901805, Next Generation Connecticut Residence Hall
  • UConn Project #901820, Putnam Refectory Renovations
  • UConn Projects #901733, #901734, #901735, #901736, Landscape Priority Projects, Storrs, CT
  • UConn Project #901781, Core Campus Deferred Maintenance, CT
  • UConn Project #901775, South Campus Sidewalk Improvements, Storrs, CT
  • UConn Project #901736, Fairfield Way Desire Paths, CT
  • UConn Project #901731, Interior and exterior renovations to portions of the Longley Building, Depot Campus, CT
  • UConn Project #901716, Stamford Campus Classroom 305 Renovations, Stamford, CT
  • UConn Project #901673, Removal and replacement of an existing roof at the Atwater Building, Storrs, CT
  • UConn Project #201587, Classroom 136/137 Renovations, Stamford, CT


  • Duration: 2015 - Current
  • Project Scope:
    • Building Interior Renovations
    • Building Exterior Repairs
    • Classroom Renovations
    • Laboratory Infrastructure Upgrades
    • Document Reviews