SUNY Upstate Medical Center DLAR Renovations, Weiskotten Hall

Syracuse, NY

AI provided structural and fire protection services for the Phase III Renovations to Weiskotten Hall at SUNY Upstate Medical Center. The Phase III renovations included selective demolition and remodeling of the fourth floor and a new penthouse structure to house mechanical units. The existing roof framing was reinforced with welded plates and WT sections for the snow drift loads imposed by the penthouse addition as well as the dead load of a new rooftop-mounted cooling tower.

The new loads required selective reinforcing of the existing columns with welded plates at the second floor and basement levels. There were numerous areas of the fourth floor that required new steel framing and strengthening of existing steel due to the loads imposed by new washing equipment, fish holding tanks and a cold-storage freezer. Several pits were created in the existing floor as well for the new equipment.

Due to the added mass of the new penthouse and mechanical units, a seismic study of the existing building was performed to evaluate the increase in story shears. The fourth floor was found to have increased greater than the 10% allowed by the State of New York Building codes, therefore, it was strengthened with reinforced masonry shear walls. The shear walls were supported by new transfer beams framing into the existing steel structure, which also required reinforcing with welded plate and WT sections due to the reactions from the transfer beams. Final structural modifications included new framing for localized floor and wall penetrations and new rooftop units, as well as new framing and reinforcing of the existing steel at the first floor level to support four new 14 in. diameter water supply pipes.


  • Duration: 2012 - 2014
  • Project Scope:
    • New penthouse addition supported by a 165' long cantilevered truss
    • Seismic analysis of existing building
    • The fourth floor of the existing building was strengthened for additional seismic loads