NYCDDC Pugsley Creek Relief Sewer & Combined Trunk with Water Main Repair

Bronx, NY

AI is providing resident engineering and inspection services on this project, which includes the construction of 9,020 lf of distribution ductile iron water mains and 4,365 lf of combined sewers as well as the addition of 26 new fire hydrants and 306 trees. In addition, more than 20,000 sf of sidewalk is being rebuilt, and more than 29,000 sy of pavement will be resurfaced. 

Work also includes the replacement of nearly two miles of roughly century-old cast iron water mains with new, stronger ductile iron mains. Piles, rock excavation, and dewatering are anticipated. The project also involves repair of existing trunk combined sewer, modification of regulators, and replacement of water main along the scope streets.

The focus of this infrastructure project is the construction of a nearly mile-long parallel sewer running below White Plains Road that will direct more wastewater to the Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant and will reduce combined sewer overflows into Pugsley Creek by 98%. 

Project specifics include approximately 325 sy of asphaltic concrete wearing course, 1½  in. thick; 12,150 TN binder mixture; 4,100 CY concrete base for pavement; 2,800 lf of 21-in.-deep concrete curb; 625 lf of 11’ x 9’ single barrel flat top reinforced combined sewer; 1,472 lf of 13’ x 9’ single barrel flat top reinforced concrete combined sewer.


  • Duration: 2016 - Present
  • Project Scope:
    • Sewer and water main replacement
    • Sidewalks & pavement
    • Extensive excavation and dewatering
    • Construction community liaison