MDC Maple Avenue Sewer Rehabilitation & Replacement

Windsor, CT

AI completed the final design for the rehabilitation and replacement of two sanitary sewer systems on Maple Avenue, and the replacement of the sanitary sewer and water main along Court Street, in the Town of Windsor. The design assignment was part of an on-call contract with the MDC for design services. The Maple Avenue improvements included the replacement of 850 ft. of sewer main and service laterals, the point repair and cured-in-place lining of an 850-foot clay tile main and the replacement of service laterals with PVC. Drainage relocation design was provided to accommodate the sewer replacement. Improvements on Court Street included the replacement design 275 ft. of 8-in. sewer main, consolidating flows from a parallel main on the opposite side of the street. The Court Street water main design was for the replacement of 500 ft. of 4-in. cast iron with 6-inch ductile iron. AI also provided surveying services and developed mapping for the design. AI prepared the design plans, profiles, and details for the project, which also included the preparation of maintenance and protection of traffic plans and detour plans. AI also prepared the project specifications and bid documents for contractor bidding purposes. Our team attended public meetings, pre bid meetings, and provided bid analysis and recommendations for award of the project. Construction phase services were also provided by AI on the project. AI attended a preconstruction meeting, reviewed contractor material submittals, and responded to contractor requests for information and changes. AI also provided construction inspection on the project. AI’s Resident Project Representative inspected the installed improvements, tracked quantities for payment, provided as-built sketches and information for service card records, and other construction inspection services.


  • Duration: 2012 - 2013
  • Project Scope:
    • Sewer replacement & rehabilitation
    • Water main design
    • Storm drainage design
    • Surveying
    • Construction inspection & administration