MDC Capitol Avenue Sewer Replacement

Hartford, CT

AI provided civil design and surveying services for the replacement of failing 20-in. and 30-in. brick sewer mains on Capitol Avenue, between Hudson Street and Main Street in Hartford. The project consisted of designing the replacement of approximately 650 lf of existing failing brick sewer, and the replacement and partial replacement of the connecting service laterals on Capitol Avenue. The design also included new catch basins to address drainage issues along the road. The project was approved for design by the MDC on an emergency basis, given the failing nature of the sewer main.

The sewer main was replaced along the same general alignment, with some deviations to avoid conflicts with parallel, adjacent utilities. The design included new manholes and approximately 15 ft. of cured-in-place lining for the remaining section of 30 in. brick sewer near the Main Street tie-in with a 54 in. brick sewer. The project also included the replacement of a section of 30 in. brick sewer on Whitman Court, for tie-in to Capital Avenue. AI also provided survey services for the project which included performing a topographic and location survey for the entire alignment corridor, up to the faces of buildings along the street. Also included in the design plans were maintenance and protection of traffic plans, and a detour plan, to accommodate project phasing during construction. AI also provided hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the combined sewer system to verify pipe capacity, and to provide approximate volumes requiring pumped bypass of storm events during construction. The specifications and bidding documents were delivered in the new MDC format, using a standard project manual, with dated contract-specific materials, and specifications not conforming to standards, presented in a special provisions format.


  • Duration: 2014
  • Project Scope:
    • Sewer replacement & rehabilitation
    • Drainage analysis
    • Survey
    • MPT
    • Temporary excavation support plans
    • Preparation of specifications and bid documents