MassDOT Load Rating


AI has performed approximately 78 load rating analyses and evaluations of in-service bridges statewide for MassDOT. These structures have included precast concrete deck units, simply supported and continuous steel multi-girder bridges of up to 10 spans, and steel trusses with emphasis on analysis of gusset plates, splice plates and primary member connections. The elements evaluated for rating include concrete deck slabs and corrugated metal decks with backfill, stringer and floor beams, girders and truss members. These structures were analyzed using the BrR and STAAD.Pro as approved by the MassDOT, and the results were reported as outlined in the MassDOT Bridge Design Manual. All structures are evaluated for H20, Type 3, Type 3S2 and HS20 trucks in accordance to AASHTO specifications and MassDOT Bridge Design Manual; and the reports are prepared with the appropriate color coded covers indicating the range of the load rating results. Comprehensive recommendations have been provided for bridges requiring repairs or rated below the statutory limits. Posting recommendations were also made for some of the bridges, and bridge closures have been recommended in the event the structure is not capable of carrying the minimum specified loads.


  • Client: MassDOT
  • Duration: 2005 - Present
  • Project Scope:
    • BrR
    • Special Inspections
    • Destructive Testing
    • Non-destructive Testing
    • AASHTO Specifications