Journalism & New Media High School

Hartford, CT

AI provided civil/site design associated with the renovation and expansion of the existing facility for The Journalism and New Media High School at the Clarence A. Barbour School located at 215 Tower Avenue, Hartford, CT. In addition to providing utility and erosion prevention and sediment control design, AI also provided drainage design, stormwater treatment and detention design. The stormwater collection and conveyance design consisted of a closed catch basin system and connecting HDPE storm piping.  The system was designed to serve existing impervious surfaces on the site, in addition to the expanded parking and building areas. Stormwater treatment for the site runoff was achieved by providing catch basins with sumps, and Stormceptor units at the termination of each portion of the closed system, prior to discharge into the site’s detention system. The detention system was designed as a subsurface detention area, sited beneath a new parking area serving the school.  Per the Metropolitan District Commission’s (MDC) standards, the detention system was designed to attenuate the 10-year storm. As a LEED accredited project, the system also detained the 1-year and 2-year 24-hour storms to match predevelopment rates.

Additionally, AI provided additional drainage design during construction, when several seeps were encountered during embankment grading to clear area behind the building for hardscaping.  AI designed an underdrain system at the toe of the embankment, and tied it into the catch basin system. AI designed and modeled the system using HydroCAD modeling software.  AI also coordinated the design and review of the stormwater system with the MDC, and obtained district approval.  Additionally, AI provided the required calculations and worksheets necessary to obtain the applicable LEED credits for the project


  • Duration: 2010 - 2013
  • Project Scope:
    • Subsurface detention design
    • Closed catch basin system design
    • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling