Hartford Hospital On-Call

Hartford, CT

AI is providing professional consulting engineering services to Hartford Hospital as part of an on-call contract. The following are examples of the services AI provided:

  • Terry Building Repairs - AI conducted a structural evaluation of the historic three-story, wood-framed building on the Institute of Living campus, and also conducted a hands-on, in-depth inspection of the structural framing. Based on theat information, AI conducted a floor load capacity evaluation and provided construction documents for the necessary rehabilitation and repair of the floor system.   
  • Hartford Hospital Tunnel Repairs - AI conducted a structural investigation of 700-ft., cast-in-place concrete tunnel that serves the hospital campus buildings. The tunnel is used by hospital staff to move between buildings and carries multiple utilities, including water and steam. AI conducted an in-depth inspection of the tunnel including destructive testing to determine the extent and the cause of deterioration. Additionally, based on the findings of the investigation, AI put together recommendations for repair or replacement of the tunnel. The recommendations were supported by estimates of the probable cost of construction, and the pros and the cons of each option.     
  • Patient Lifts - AI conducted a structural evaluation of the existing floor structure of the Bliss building to support loads due to patient lifts within the ceiling system. The scope included field investigation and structural analysis of the existing concrete two-way slab system on two floors, as well as design of the patient lift anchoring system.


  • Duration: 2012 - 2014
  • Project Scope:
    • Structural evaluation
    • In-depth inspection of the structural framing
    • Floor load capacity evaluation
    • ADA compliance
    • Drainage design