DepT. of Veterans Affairs Perimeter Fence

Providence, ri

AI provided surveying, civil, structural, MEP, Architectural and landscaping design services for the perimeter security upgrades at the VA hospital in Providence, RI. Surveying services for the project included a topographic and feature location survey around the 6,000 lf perimeter of the site, and expanded survey at all site entrances, for use in the project design. A partial A-2 boundary survey was also completed for an area of the site that is leased to the City for recreational fields, and the information is being used to adjust the lease lines of the property for the long term lease renewal. A major component of the project was the redesign of the four site vehicle entrances to accommodate the VA required security upgrades and to correct historically problematic geometry issues. Several entrances were widened to allow for larger vehicle circulation and the installation of sidewalks. AI, with our architectural consultant, New England Medical Design (NEMD), redesigned the two main entrances to accommodate the widened lanes and incorporate new security gate systems with architecturally appropriate guard booths including CCTV monitoring and security lighting for use by the VA Police Department. The CCTV monitoring system integrates with the VA campus monitoring system. The new guardhouses provide auxiliary control locations for the campus and comply with the historical aesthetic of the campus. The entrance designs also required drainage design and the relocation of overhead utilities to accommodate the widened roads.

AI also designed 6,000 lf. of high security fencing and CCTV monitoring system, to be integrated into the overall site security network. Plan, profiles and details for the fence alignment detail the varying terrain, and special areas of interest like installations along retaining walls, gate entrances, etc. Gated entrances were designed with 25 to 30-foot cantilever gates with remote operation capabilities. The majority of the new fencing was a 10-foot high vertical bar palisade type to minimize visual and historical impact to the site located in the urban city environment. The new fencing provided the security separation required by the VA.

The design of the perimeter security upgrades included best management practices including the use of vegetated swales which serve as a natural stormwater runoff conveyance and retention system to improve surface water quality and provide infiltration, the installation of a gravel road in lieu of bituminous concrete pavement surface, and lawn restoration. 


  • Duration: 2013 - 2015
  • Project Scope:
    • Intersection design
    • Roadway widening
    • Retaining wall design
    • Fence design
    • Drainage design
    • Utility relocations
    • CCTV security system design
    • Entry Guardhouse design
    • Best Management Practices