CTDOT U.S. Route. 1 Signal Design 

Stratford, CT

AI provided traffic engineering services for the reconstruction of two intersections on Route 1 in Stratford, CT. The intersections of Route 1 with West Broad Street and Nichols Street (Route 108) were reconstructed to provide for widened areas and lane reconfigurations to improve existing traffic conditions. As part of the work effort, the existing signal equipment was replaced at both intersections. The new signal systems will maintain existing coordination with five (5) other signalized intersections along the Route 1 corridor, and are designed with a preemption system for use by emergency vehicles. AI’s work included using recent traffic count data provided by CTDOT at the two subject intersections, and the other coordinated intersections, along with record plans of the existing signals, to create an existing conditions traffic model of the coordinated intersections. The projected 20-year volumes were then modeled using the revised geometric improvements proposed at the subject intersections to determine the levels of service for each approach. The traffic modeling was done using Synchro modeling software. Additionally, AI prepared the signal plan sheets, special provisions, and quantity and cost estimates for the signal improvements.


  • Duration: 2014
  • Project Scope:
    • Five (5) coordinated signalized intersections
    • Traffic modeling and analysis
    • Development of signalization plans
    • Quantity and cost estimating