CTDOT U.S. Route. 1 Highway Design 

Milford, CT

AI provided complete design services for approximately 1 mile of Route 1, a heavily urbanized state highway located in Milford, CT. The design included the widening of the existing four-lane roadway to add a 14-foot-wide central, common turning lane; 6-foot outside shoulders; and sidewalk areas to accommodate the new roadway width. AI’s design successfully accommodated vertical profile increase and widening of the roadway while minimizing impacts on abutting property storefront parking and automotive dealership lots. Route 1 crosses seven signalized intersections for adjoining roads including an on-ramp onto Interstate 95 and a shopping complex. AI performed the traffic counts and traffic studies of these intersections and designed new signal heads and timings to control the increased traffic volume through these subject areas. 

AI also performed a drainage analysis for the widened roadway which included an analysis of the existing and proposed piping network. AI also supported the permit preparation process for DEEP Inland Wetland/Water Course Permit, Water Quality Certification, and NEPA Documentation. AI prepared the public hearing presentation material and actively participated in the proceedings. AI also coordinated with the Department of Health for work required in the reservoir, which was within the project footprint. The design and permitting for this project included extensive hydraulic analysis of the manmade reservoir including headwater and tailwater calculations and the retention analysis of this freshwater body for DEEP Flood Management Certificate. Other miscellaneous tasks included roadway cross sections, intersection grading plans, MPT sheets for the phased construction sequences, property maps for the unavoidable land acquisitions, and heavy coordination of both underground and aerial utility lines. Easement and right-of-way map preparation was necessary.


  • Duration: 2010 - 2013
  • Project Scope:
    • Highway design
    • Traffic signal improvements/controls
    • Minimize ROW acquisition
    • Permits
    • Drainage system design 
    • Utility coordination