CTDOT Metro-North Rail Yard Improvements

New Haven, CT

AI provided multiple engineering services for this project to support a fleet of new trains for Metro-North. Design services include civil, structural, M/E/P, fire protection, and utility. A total of eight new buildings were constructed and three buildings altered that included new track, roadway, and utility systems. As part of this major project, AI worked with various architects, provided engineering design and construction inspection services for a few major projects at the rail yard. The project includes thousands of feet of new storage and loop tracks. A major portion of the work included the design of a new utility network for facility electrical, water, sewer, and gas main distribution for the entire rail yard campus. AI coordinated this utility infrastructure work with both the new and existing tracks and existing railyard and future construction operations.

The utility network includes the following:

  • Design a new water distribution system that is looped by connecting to the water authority at three separate zones while preserving as much of the existing system as possible. A separate fire main is also provided using a separate looped line. The water authority system is protected from contamination using double check valve back flow preventers. Water mains under railroad tracks will be sleeved.
  • Modify and expand the existing sanitary sewer system including pump station relocation and new pump stations will be required. 
  • Modify and expand the existing gas mains as all existing and new buildings will use natural gas for heating. 
  • Electrical facility distribution for the yard facilities at 13.8kV with two loops. Step-down transformers are provided for each building. Substation design is included for the additional power requirements.
  • Coordinate the relocation of a main overhead telephone and electric transmission line on railroad property.
  • Establish the test pit locations, prepare a bid package for utility designating and locating program, obtain bids, oversee/inspect the program and provide field survey to acquire the data and tie into the project design survey.

Beyond utilities, AI provided the code analysis and the complete structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection for a proposed new Rail Car Wash Facility and structural, MEP, and life safety improvement for the EMU light duty maintenance facility. Through all phases and types of design, AI provided construction documents, specification, cost estimates, and CPM construction schedules with coordination with two owners, many outside vendors, and related consultants.


  • Client: CTDOT
  • Duration: 2005 - 2018
  • Project Scope:
    • 8 new buildings
    • 3 remodeled building including ew track, roadway, and utility systems
    • Separate fire and domestic services
    • Site Utilities Design
    • Pump Station
    • Water Modeling
    • Force Main Modeling
    • Design of new water distribution center
    • Design of new utility network
    • Code analysis, structural, M/E/P/FP and life safety improvements