CTDOT Metro-North Rail Yard Component Change-Out Shop (CCO)

New Haven, CT

AI provided design and construction services for the Component Change Out Shop project (CCO) at Metro-North Railyard in New Haven. Construction phase services included contractor submittal reviews and construction observation of the water system installation. The CCO is the central building for the maintenance of passenger rail cars for the Metro-North Railroad (MNR), at the New Haven Rail Yard. The building also houses the administrative offices for the MNR. AI’s work on the project included the design of the sanitary sewer, water system, underground electric, and natural gas utilities. AI coordinated the utility infrastructure design with several new track and roadway designs within the rail yard, to ensure that utilities were properly designed to withstand traffic loading from the rails and roadways. Structural slab protection was designed for several track utility crossings. Water distribution system design included approximately 2,600 lf of an 8-in. domestic water main, and 2,800 lf of 12-in. pipe for the CCO’s fire suppression system. AI utilized hydrant flow test data to verify the required flow delivery for the domestic and fire systems.  Sanitary sewer design included 1,200 lf of gravity sewer and 400 lf of force main design with pump station. The pump station included an 8-foot diameter wet well and 5-foot diameter valve pit. AI provided hydraulic modeling with a peaking factor to determine the pump station sizing, float levels, grinder pump requirements, and to assess line velocities in the force main.


  • Duration: 2010 - 2013
  • Project Scope:
    • Pump station design
    • 8” &12” double barrel water system design
    • Gravity sewer, pump station & force main design
    • Electrical & gas site design