CTDOT I-84 Topographic Survey

Waterbury, CT

AI provided surveying services as part of a large expressway and bridge design contract for CTDOT. The project included the design of widening and improvements to a 2.5-mile section of I-84 in Waterbury, CT, with an estimated construction cost in excess of $250 million dollars. The assignment included establishing horizontal and vertical controls; research of city records and deeds; utility research coordination with property owners; review of aerial photographic mapping; providing additional topographic survey to field edit the aerial maps; perform bridge surveys; wetland surveys, hydraulic and drainage surveys, locate test pits and soil borings, as well as 3D surface modeling; and prepare completed survey plans. Following the initial survey services, AI was subcontracted for the preparation of approximately 50 right-of-way maps for easements and property acquisitions required for the construction of this project.


  • Duration: 1999 - 2014
  • Project Scope:
    • Extensive maintenance of traffic during survey operations
    • Special surveys for high rock slopes
    • Extensive CADD work for map preparation