CTDOT Bridge Inspection

Statewide, CT

AI has been performing NBIS inspection and evaluation of highway bridges for CTDOT since 2002 as a prime consultant. AI, over the course of three cycles and currently on our fourth, has completed almost 2,800 bridge inspections from 2002 to present. These projects involved inspection of highway, town, Metro-North, Amtrak and moveable bridges for both above and underwater inspection.  

The bridges inspected have been moderately complex and complex including signature bridges like Gold Star, Baldwin, West Rock Tunnel, Park River Conduit, Moses Wheeler, Dexter Coffin, etc. Field work included scheduling of lane closures, providing detour plans, utilizing safety personnel including flagmen, groundmen and troopers, providing MOT, getting US coast guard permit, utilizing specialized equipment for access and performing routine, in-depth, semi-final, fracture critical or special inspections. Tools and equipment used for inspection include bucket trucks, non-destructive testing such as, D-meters, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic and GPR of bridge decks, etc. Inspection reports are submitted within 21 days of inspection completion date.

The report includes an Executive Summary, structure inventory and appraisal sheet, condition rating using element level pontis, DOT Bridge Inspection (BRI) forms (in-house SMS database format) Maintenance Memoranda if needed, load rating for certain bridges, field notes with sketches and electronic photos. Maintenance and flagging memoranda with recommendations are issued based on condition or degree of deterioration and the need for timely maintenance and repair. AI is also providing the services of installation and monitoring of wireless strain gauges at bridges including the Gold Star bridge for load rating analysis. All bridge load rating is performed using AASHTOWare's Bridge Rating software BrR. We have supervisory level OSHA and ATSSA certified personnel who periodically monitor safety compliance during field operations. Also, we have certified SPRAT Level1 personnel for rope climbing at structures with limited or difficult access using inspection equipment.


  • Client: CTDOT
  • Duration: 2002 - Present
  • Project Scope:
    • NBIS inspection
    • Load rating
    • NBIS guidelines/BrM
    • Fracture critical & special inspection
    • Structure safety flag
    • MPT