City of Waterbury Naugatuck River Greenway Trail

Waterbury, CT

AI provided design and survey services for the first phase (2.1 miles) of a 7.1-mile-long paved route in Waterbury along the Naugatuck River. The improvements include design and construction of a paved multi-use trail along the river, roadway work, trailheads, a pedestrian bridge, and improvements to a 7-acre open-space parcel with a boat launch and a nature trail. AI is also responsible for the design of a single span, 170-ft.-long pedestrian river crossing over the Naugatuck River and possibly an 800-ft.-long promenade cantilevered from the riverbank as part of the bike trail.

An aerial survey of the project route was coordinated by AI, where ground control, accuracy checks, and obscured area survey for completion of the mapping services was provided. Once the aerial mapping was completed, AI provided ground survey for the location of wetlands and ecologically sensitive areas, specific areas needing additional survey detail for design purposes, and individual property boundary surveys. The property mapping for the project included seven Class A-2 Boundary surveys to be used for easements and property takings.  Design for Phase 2 of the project is now beginning, and AI will perform the same services as in Phase 1, but given the longer alignment of Phase 2 and number of properties involved, AI will be preparing 20 Class A-2 boundary surveys.


  • Duration: 2015 - 2016
  • Project Scope:
    • Pavement Improvements
    • Drainage Improvements
    • Use of Safety Edge
    • Topographic Survey