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50 Minutes



Land Survey Lunch & Learn

About this Course

AI's Peter Iffland, LS presents an easy to understand overview of land survey. 

Who is this Course For

This course is great for anyone who is unfamiliar with survey. We start from scratch, establishing the basics and build from there.


Peter Iffland, LS
Chief of Survey - AI Engineers, Inc.

Mr. Iffland is the Chief of Survey at AI and has over 35 years of survey experience. His broad experience includes boundary, topographic, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), bridge, railroad, highway, easement, ALTA/ACSM, and other types of surveys. Mr. Iffland has experience with program review/strategic planning, site review/due diligence, project manager staffing, and document review (constructability/ coordination/cost control). Mr. Iffland supervises survey parties for all aspects of design and construction surveying including layout, volume computations, and checking the accuracy of contractor’s survey layouts for bridges, utilities, roadways and other related items. He is also well-versed in MicroStation, Eaglepoint and AutoCAD, including development of 3D surface modeling. Mr. Iffland's experience includes a full range of municipal and state projects, as well as commercial, residential subdivisions and office complex projects. He has been involved in numerous large and small scale construction projects from the design phase to the final as-built mapping.