Civil Engineering is a comprehensive field encompassing many unique subdisciplines including site design and permitting, stormwater management, hydraulics and drainage, roadway design, water system distribution, sanitary sewer collection systems, utilities coordination and subsurface utilities engineering (SUE), geotechnical engineering, landscape design, traffic engineering, and land surveying. Equally as unique are the diverse types of projects civil engineers regularly work on, including site design development, state highway and municipal roadway design, pavement preservation projects, private utility company improvement projects, airport expansion and upgrades, and transportation agency infrastructure improvements. The civil engineering courses compiled by AI University builds on our 27 years of experience serving clients throughout the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic to provide a straight forward introduction to civil engineering as well as coursework on a variety of advanced topics.

Civil / Site Engineering Lunch & Learn

AI's Robert Gallo, PE presents an easy to understand overview of civil / site engineering. 

Internally Produced | Course type: Video | Duration: 1 Hour

Land Survey Lunch & Learn

AI's Peter Iffland, LS presents an easy to understand overview of land survey.

Internally Produced | Course type: Video | Duration: 50 Minutes

Planning & Design of Sanitation Systems & Technologies

This course provides you with an introduction to integrated sanitation planning, both on a citywide scale and for specific contexts such as informal settlements. You will become familiar with different sanitation planning frameworks as well as different systems and technologies relevant along the sanitation value chain. You will learn why systems’ thinking is crucial for urban environmental sanitation, and how to apply key terminology and important concepts.

Externally Produced | Course type: Video | Duration: 11 Hours