Building Systems Engineering (BSE) projects can encompass many diverse project types, including new construction, building renovations, additions and upgrades, as well as code updates and compliance based on a clients’ current and projected needs. For these projects to truly succeed, key stakeholders must possess extensive knowledge of the interrelationship of existing building systems and have a comprehensive understanding of sustainable design, MEP, fire protection, structural, civil/site, and geotechnical engineering considerations, site survey, code compliance and peer review studies. The building systems engineering courses compiled by AI University builds on our 27 years of experience serving clients throughout the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic to provide a straight forward introduction to building systems engineering as well as additional trainings and best practices.

Building Systems Engineering Lunch & Learn

AI's John Lloyd, PE, LEED AP presents an entry level course on the basics of building systems engineering.

Internally Produced | Course type: Video | Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems

No matter which role you have in a building construction project, it is vital that you understand the "guts" of a building in order to make a positive impact.  For contractors, engineers, architects, real estate developers and facilities managers, it takes years or even decades to learn the materials and systems in a building.

Externally Produced | Course type: Video | Duration: 5 Hours