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Bridge Design




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What is Load Rating?

About this Course

AI's Damian Silverstrim, PE explains what it means to load rate bridges and structures.

Who is this Course For

This course is great for anyone who feel a little lost in their bridge design lectures. We start from scratch, establishing the basics and build from there.


Damian Silverstrim, PE
Director, Structural Engineering - AI Engineers, Inc. 

Mr. Silverstrim has over 7 years of experience in load rating for multiple state DOTs. He has load rated and reviewed over 1,000 bridges predominately in BrR, but is also adept at STAAD.Pro, DESCUS, LARSA, BridgeLink, Mathcad and other software for analysis. He is extremely familiar with AASHTO LRFR, LFR, and ASR rating analysis and Strength, Service and Fatigue limit states. Mr. Silverstrim has load rated and reviewed many complex structures ranging from 30 trusses (including gusset plates), 4 post-tensioned structures, 1 suspension bridge, 2 moveable bridges, 30+ curved steel bridges, 40+ floor-systems, and 12 substructures including integral pier caps, timber bent caps, and timber piles. To date Mr. Silverstrim has personally installed over 75 sensors on signature structures (trusses, steel arches) and bridges with unknown plans to verify and refine load rating models and determine the efficacy of rehabilitations through live load testing.