piYa hawkes, PE


Piya Hawkes is an Associate Vice President at AI Engineers. He serves as a Lead Field Operations Administrator and the firm's Prime Communication Officer for several Federal, State, Municipal, and Private clients.

He has more than 26 years of civil engineering experience working in various managing capacities including inspection, structural evaluation, and asset management. Prior to joining AI, Piya served as the the Director of Public Works for the Town of Enfield, Connecticut  for over 5 years where he was responsible for administering the Public Works Department annual operational budget of $20 million dollars and supervising 135 staff. He also served as a Senior Project Engineer for over 15 years with CTDOT, supervising and overseeing several design consultants. The depth of professional and technical experiences Piya has obtained throughout his career provides him an extensive knowledge and expertise to successfully coordinate with stakeholders, provide support for design initiatives,  and communicate the needs and requirements of clients.

To speak with Piya, call 860-635-7740 or email PHawkes@aiengineers.com